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0009708ardourfeaturespublic2024-05-23 12:03
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Product Version8.6 
Summary0009708: Feature request: More flexible import of multichannel wav files
DescriptionI frequently use Ardour for post/edit work on audio recorded on a Sound Devices MixPre device. The MixPre can record a stereo mix, plus isolated tracks for each input, all of which are recorded in a multichannel wav file. More often than not, I only want to use the stereo mix, which occupies the first two channels of the wav, so when importing it would be nice if there was an option to select which channels to import and what format they should end up in, as things stand you either end up with L and R as separate mono files on separate channels, when really they should be a stereo file on one channel, or all channels together in one file, which doesn't really make sense for post editing. It'd be nice to be presented with a list to select which channels of a wav get imported, and possibly the ability to shuffle the order as well.
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