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0009702ardourbugspublic2024-05-04 05:23
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Product Version8.6 
Summary0009702: Grid does not respond to grid mode tool
DescriptionClicking and dragging a grid to align a bar line with a specific musical event, the grid responds by maybe moving one or two clicks of a distance between several pixels and the entire timeline width, and then stops responding to mouse dragging, making it impossible to align the grid with prerecorded audio.

Video at this link:
(I'm attaching a shorter version of this to conform to the file size limit)
Steps To Reproduce1. Add BBT marker at beginning of tempo area
2. Activate Grid mode.
3. Hover mouse over a bar line to drag (in my case, the beginning of bar 2).
4. Click and drag.
5. Expected result: the grid moves and responds in movement every time the mouse moves even a pixel, adjusting the tempo along with the grid lines. Actual result: grid does not respont.
Additional InformationThis worked once in a session for me and now in the current session it is not working. I don't know what the difference is or if this is an across the board bug.
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2024-05-04 04:53

reporter   ~0028704

Adding video file


2024-05-04 04:57

reporter   ~0028705

that didn't work, trying again - doesn't look like this is working. i'll try again later.


2024-05-04 05:19

reporter   ~0028706

It seems as though the problem is mitigated by adding another tempo some ways after the part you are trying to change, and then the grid responds more quickly to changes. It is almost as though the thing freezes because it is trying to calculate every bar line out to infinity, and creating a tempo marking at a later but finite position makes things easier. This is a pretty long session, it goes on for almost 50 minutes after the end marker, I think I must have dragged something over there as a scratch area? I don't even know to be honest.


2024-05-04 05:23

reporter   ~0028707

Still, dragging, messing up, and then using Undo creates inconsistent results, and I end up with configurations of tempo and grid then I never actually had.

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