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0009686ardourbugspublic2024-04-12 16:47
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version8.5 
Summary0009686: Multiple issues with MIDI regions and cues on Windows
DescriptionThere are multiple issues with MIDI regions on Windows that make them completely unusable, especially when combined with cues.

1. Creating a new MIDI region and populate the notes manually successfully creates the region, but the created region is unusable in Cues.
- Drag/drop of the region from Sources tab to a Cue slot correctly populates the slot, but the MIDI content is wrong and only contains the first note, like if it was cropped to only the beginning.
- Drag/drop of the region from the Regions tab to a Cue slot simply does nothing.

2. When copy/pasting the region created in step 1 in Edit mode, the newly created regions appears twice in the Sources tab with different sequence numbers, and not at all in the Regions tab.
- Drag/drop of any of the the two new regions from the Sources tab to a Cue slot works as expected.

3. Editing anything (notes, automation, velocity, etc.) from the region pasted in step 2 freezes Ardour and the only thing to do is to kill the application completely.

I understand Ardour is open source, and I am happy to contribute financially to its development, but it is a bit unfortunate that two of the major aspects of Ardour, being MIDI and Cues, do not work at all, which makes the application unusable for my use case.
Steps To ReproduceFollow the description above.
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