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0009667ardourbugspublic2024-03-08 11:16
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Summary0009667: The Arrangement Copy and Paste is not working correctly
DescriptionIf you try to arrange your song by the arrangement feature, the copy and paste of parts is not working correctly

Steps To ReproduceI have some midi parts in the first frame of some tracks. These midi frames are duplicated without copying the midi data itself (I call it cloning) to create a track-part.

These track-parts are part of arangement parts.

Picture 1 (in pdf):
I have two arrangement parts and I want to copy and paste the second arrangement part to a third position (after the second arrangement part)

The second arrangement part is already a copy of the first arrangement part, but with added automations (not visible in the pictures / pdf).

Picture 2:
If I do the copy and paste to the current postion marker (which is at the end of the second arrangement part), the new part is inserted at the beginning of the arrangement / song.

And some further things went wrong.

Please see attached PDF with two pictures of the situations.

I expect that the copy of the second part will be put at the current position marker and the rest of the arrangement should be left like it is.
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2024-03-08 11:16


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