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0009624ardourbugspublic2024-02-18 17:54
ReporterMichaelSchramm Assigned To 
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version8.2 
Summary0009624: Setting of 0db in the send is not possible
DescriptionI have the problem that I can’t set the send in the channel strips to 0db with the mouse. -0.08 dB is possible.

MacOS AND Linux
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2024-02-18 17:50

administrator   ~0028509

You can either Shift + click on the small inline control to set it to 0dB.

..or hold down Ctrl while dragging for fine-grained. and Ctrl+Alt for extra fine-grained control while dragging or scroll-wheelin'

..or double-click the and then use the larger fader or numeric entry.


2024-02-18 17:54

administrator   ~0028510

Note the pixel granularity of the small inline faders depend on screen scaling, mixer-strip width, font-size.

While it's inconvenient that is is to not necessarily possible to directly drag to the small inline-fader to 0dB, various other options exist to achieve that goal.

Any objections to mark this as "no change required".

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