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0009622ardourbugspublic2024-01-26 00:42
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Product Version8.2 
Summary0009622: Opening project fails after a previous segfault crash

On my way to analyze a problem that I have with push2 control surface (,
I just "saved as" a project from yesterday, ticking the box "i want it to be empty".

Then while trying to setup push, Ardour froze and then crashed with a segfault.

Because I thought the instability of push might come from the fact that I have also the ubuntu version of ardour installed, I removed that, then rebooted my machine.

But when trying to open the last project now that was open when ardour crashed, I get an error message:

Something went seriously wrong. Ardour cannot continue.
Here are a few hints at what might be wrong:
ERROR: Cannot get existing session information from /path/to/project.ardour

Steps To ReproduceI assume that reproducibility also needs the project file I have. I attach it below.

Also, I can only reproduce the behavior with this file - I did not try to reproduce crashes that result in such an unloadable session, but I am happy to do that on request if seen as necessary or helpful. As I experienced multiple crashes yesterday, too, I know that in most cases a crash just results in Ardour asking me to recover the last session.
But this doesn't happen with my session now.


* start Ardour8 again after a crash, then see the session select dialog.

* chose the last session when ardour crashed

* see that it looks different then the others - it shows "??" in the sample rate column, and "--" in the file resolution column.

* select it and click open

* expect it to start the session

* instead get this message(project file path changed):

Something went seriously wrong. Ardour cannot continue.
Here are a few hints at what might be wrong:
ERROR: Cannot get existing session information from /path/to/project.ardour
Additional InformationI think it's important because even though this is an empty session that I did not record anything into yet, nor any configuration etc, It could have been that I just had setup many channels for routing midi/audio and had put significant work in, that shouldn't get lost.

Let me know if I can provide any further information.
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2024-01-26 00:42

reporter   ~0028477

When trying to recover from this problem and continuing my work, I ran into the same problem, but with a newly "saved as" project.

What I did:

* deleted the unloadable session
* loaded the original project that had project data again
* chose "save as" and "new project should be empty"
* got an error about jack not being started, eve though qjackctl looked running fine
* pressed ctrl-s and stopped ardour
* restarted jack with qjackctl
* started ardour

again the new "saved as" session looked different than other sessions, as described above, and it couldn't be loaded.

Only in a third run the saved as project could be loaded as expected

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