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0009621ardourtranslationpublic2024-01-25 17:13
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Summary0009621: Note-name-translations should be changeable separately from the UI-language
DescriptionDifferent languages can have different names for the same notes.

There are various situations in which changing note-names separately from the UI-language is useful, such as:
- While someone has a preference for note-names in a specific language.
- While someone is learning from tutorials about composing music, while the tutorials are in another language with different note-names.
- While collaborating (internationally) with people who use different note-names.

There should be a separate language-setting that only changes the note-names.
It should default to the language of the UI.
Steps To ReproduceSet Ardour up to use a translation with translated note-names, such as the german translation.
Create a MIDI-track, add a MIDI-region to it, make the MIDI-track large enough, and then check the note-names shown in the info that appears near the pointer while it is pointing at various note-rows in the MIDI-region while draw-mode is active.
Additional InformationI use Ardour with the german translation, but prefer the english note-names over the german note-names.

English note-names:
A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#

German note-names:
A, Ais, H, C, Cis, D, Dis, E, F, Fis, G, Gis
TagsMidi, notes, settings, translations


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