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0009612ardourbugspublic2024-02-19 16:06
Reportermagnetophon Assigned To 
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PlatformlinuxOSNixOSOS Version24.05pre
Product Version8.2 
Summary0009612: Ardour sometimes loses it's routing when using pipewire
DescriptionWhen I open a session while running pipewire, sometimes (part of) the routing is gone.
Either just the master and monitor routing or all the routing is gone.

On the Unfa Discord, there is another user with the exact same symptoms.
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2024-01-23 15:50

administrator   ~0028464

Does this also happen when you use jackd instead of pipewire?
If not, it is a pipewire bug.


2024-01-23 15:56

administrator   ~0028465

Next time this happen, please make a copy of the .ardour session file right after the session is loaded (before saving).

Then we can see if the problem is that connections are not properly saved, or if the issue is restoring them.
For the Route Monitor, there should be something like
<IO name="Monitor" id="11024" direction="Output" default-type="audio">
  <Port name="Monitor/audio_out 1" type="audio" direction="Output">
    <ExtConnection for="JACK"/>
    <ExtConnection for="JACK" other="system:playback_1"/>
  <Port name="Monitor/audio_out 2" type="audio" direction="Output">
    <ExtConnection for="JACK"/>
    <ExtConnection for="JACK" other="system:playback_2"/>


2024-01-27 08:40

reporter   ~0028478

I'm not sure cause I hardly use jack anymore.
I'll do some more testing and report back in a while.

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