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0009605ardourbugspublic2024-01-29 08:52
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Product Version8.2 
Summary0009605: Importing Ardour 6.9 session with tempo/time-signature changes into Ardour 8.2 results in misplaced MIDI regions
DescriptionI am currently using Ardour 6.9 but would like to switch to 8.2 to finish a few sessions I am working on, particularly because I think I could make good use of the "mixer scenes" feature. However some of these sessions have tempo and time-signature changes and I run into issues when I try to import them in Ardour 8.2. (I had the same issue when I tried 7.0 a few months ago too.)

I have made a minimal session with just the relevant bit of MIDI to illustrate the bug. I've attached a tarball of the session directory after importing in version 8.2 (so there is a -6000 session file with the original Ardour 6.9 session); this can be loaded into either version of Ardour and "zoom to session" should show the right bit.

As shown in the attached screenshots, the original Ardour 6.9 session has a MIDI track formed of adjacent MIDI regions (from three different takes), but when imported into 8.2 there are gaps between the regions after the tempo + time-signature change, and some of the regions are rather out of tempo.

I suppose there must have been a rework of the way Ardour handles tempo and time signatures, but older sessions would ideally be loaded correctly. Alternatively, maybe there is an easy way of fixing the converted session file?
Tags6.9, 8.2, Midi, MIDI regions misplaced, tempo change, time signature change



2024-01-18 19:12


midi-tempo-bug.tar.gz (142,657 bytes)
ardour-midi-tempo-bug-orig.png (108,315 bytes)   
ardour-midi-tempo-bug-orig.png (108,315 bytes)   
ardour-midi-tempo-bug-in-v8.png (100,345 bytes)   
ardour-midi-tempo-bug-in-v8.png (100,345 bytes)   

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