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0009597ardourbugspublic2024-01-07 19:37
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version8.2 
Summary0009597: New track creates duplicate playlist names
DescriptionRenaming a playlist to an existing name is restricted.

When deleting a track only the track is deleted in session, but the playlist of that track is not.
Creating a new track with the same name as the deleted, a playlist with the same name is created, even if this name is allready in session.

Linking the old playlist to the new track which allready has a playlist with the same name, breaks the gui:
- Renaming does not work
- Playlist selection does not work
Steps To Reproduce-Create a track (automatically named "Audio 1")
-Delete the track "Audio 1"
-Create new track (it is named "Audio 1" again, also the playlist)
-On the new track Playlist->Advanced->Steal from... or Share with...
-select "Audio 1" from unassigned track
Now there are two Playlists with name "Audio 1" assigned to the track

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2024-01-07 19:36

reporter   ~0028447

When you manually create a playlist with the name "Audio 2" and then create a new track "Audio 2", the new playlist is also "Audio 2". So it has nothing to do with the unassigned tracks.


2024-01-07 19:37

reporter   ~0028448

Renaming of playlists, that are created alongside with tracks does not work at all, even in new session without dupplicates. It only works for new created playlists..

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