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0009590ardourfeaturespublic2023-12-28 23:10
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Summary0009590: Ability to exclusively arm single tracks for recording
DescriptionWhen clicking record on a track, any other track armed will remain armed.

In my workflow, I tend to build a session/composition a track or two at a time; especially when overdubbing my voice. I often go back to components/tracks in the piece and rerecord them.

In Ableton (iirc), the default behavior is to actually disarm all other tracks when the user clicks the record button on a track unless the ctrl key is held, in which case it will treat it similarly to the behavior in many other computer contexts like working with files (adding to selection). Indeed, in Ableton, you can even click record on one track and then shift click on another and all tracks in between will be armed for recording.

When working this way, if I have many tracks in a session and I'm scrolled to a particular set of them in the timeline, I might (and have) inadvertently armed a track I wanted to record to without disarming one I didn't which could result in confusion or even worse accidental loss of data. I recognize this is more an issue for someone with muscle memory from Ableton, but I feel strongly this would be highly-desirable.

It would be fantastic if this were at least an option set in the preferences.

By ctrl+shift+clicking a track, one can already arm and disarm all tracks. That hopefully implies implementing this could be trivial.
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