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0009589ardourbugspublic2023-12-28 21:02
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Summary0009589: Importing session file from 2006 fails
DescriptionI tried importing a session file from 2006 (made with an unknown version of ardour) into Ardour 7.5.0 (mantic packaged version). It failed due to multiple factors. This was discussed on irc with x42 and las. I was able to open the session after the tweaks below, but with two caveats:

1. Major issue with sends: all track sends to buses (reverb buses) failed to connect and Ardour shows 0 outputs for each of these sends
2. Some buses were not visible in the mixer or editor, but were still working and connected to. They did appear after saving the imported session and then restarting ardour with the session

The session file is attached.

The modification process for the file included the following steps:
1) add sample-rate attribute to the root node
2) commented out the borked <extra> section where there was a colon in the XML element name
3) renamed inputs and outputs "*/in X" to "*/audio_in X" - and same for outs,
4) replaced "pre" to "PreFader" and "post" to "PostFader"
5) removed alsa_pcm connections
Steps To ReproduceOpen session in a newer version of Ardour
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2023-12-28 21:02


_orig_JKK.ardour (289,344 bytes)

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