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0009564ardourfeaturespublic2023-12-04 04:57
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Product Version8.1 
Summary0009564: Add preference to allow user to set default track height
DescriptionAs of now, every track defaults to a size of "normal" which is a completely subjective term. I see Ardour has these canned sizes in the form of small, normal, large, larger, and largest but it's probably time to evolve from that?

Perhaps redefining "normal" in some way as a preference under Preferences, Appearance, Editor would provide a more simple baseline which then would be used to zoom by another user defined step increment. If that refactoring could be done, Ardour would be able to ditch the canned sizes and users would end up having a more simple and customizable environment.
Additional InformationPlease consider how this idea might interact with another zoom-related toggle feature I mention over at
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