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0009556ardourbugspublic2024-02-19 16:06
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Product Version8.1 
Summary0009556: Audio and MIDI connections sometimes not saved
DescriptionI am using Ardour 8.1 on Linux with Pipewire over the JACK backend.

It rather often happens to me that I save a project and then when I load it next, most or all of my audio and MIDI connections are gone and I have to reconnect everything.

It is not consistently forgetting all connections. Sometimes it would lose only some, and sometimes even none.

I tried using ALSA backend, but it seems to behave the same.
Is there some known issue around this, or can I do something to help debug this and find the problem?


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2023-11-28 20:44

administrator   ~0028370

External connections are saved per backend and device. So when switching JACK <-> ALSA each will have a different set of connections.
However connections being lost is not a known issue.

Are only external connections (to/from soundcard) affected, or also internal ones (Ardour Track -> Ardour Master)?

First step would be to establish, if the issue is **saving** the connections or **restoring** the connections.
In the .ardour session file there are there "Connection" and "ExtConnection" entries for each "IO/port"?

Can you perhaps upload a session file where connections are lost?


2023-11-28 20:57

reporter   ~0028371

Both external and internal connections are affected.


2023-11-28 20:58

reporter   ~0028372

...the session file is 30MB, is this expected/normal?


2023-12-05 19:38

reporter   ~0028387

I think I have spotted what the problem is!

When I make changes to midi or audio connections, these are not registered as a change (I don't get this little asterisk in the title bar) and so when I then hit Ctrl+S, nothing gets saved.


2023-12-05 19:49

reporter   ~0028388

And it looks like even when I make some other change to the session, so that real saving gets triggered, even then some of my connections changes are not saved. But perhaps this at least provides some pointers to why this is happening?


2023-12-13 22:12

reporter   ~0028419

In my case, some MIDI and audio connections are sometimes (most of the time, but can not say for sure that it is all of the time) lost when a session is opened with the audio buffer size set to a different value from what it was when the session was saved.


2023-12-15 19:28

reporter   ~0028425

I have tested @martibs's observation and I can confirm that my connections are saved just fine when I:
 1) don't change buffer size from within Ardour
 2) make sure I also make some "real" change in the session, apart from changing the connections


2024-02-18 16:43

administrator   ~0028506

> these are not registered as a change (I don't get this little asterisk in the title bar) and so when I then hit Ctrl+S, nothing gets saved.

When using Ctrl+S (or Menu Session > Save), the session is always saved regardless of it being marked as modified.
The only difference is that when you close the session, there is no dialog asking you to save.

Anyway it is likely a pipewire issue, not informing ardour about port connection changes. There were various issues like this in the past with pipewire.


2024-02-18 21:43

reporter   ~0028516

It happens with plain ALSA too, so I don't think it is caused by Pipewire.



2024-02-18 22:54

administrator   ~0028518

I use Ardour/ALSA daily and extensively during development and have not noticed this.
 Perhaps there is some additional factor that can explain this. I see "Master" is called "Rizeni" [sic] in your case. I wonder if translation and non ASCII chars in port-names can explain this.

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