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0009536ardourbugspublic2023-11-13 21:16
Reporternp Assigned Tox42  
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Summary0009536: 'cleanup sources' removes sources still in use
DescriptionIn certain cases, the cleanup function removes sources that are still in use.
This leads to a crash with the message 'ERROR: Session: XMLNode describing a AudioRegion references an unknown source id =xy' when that session is saved and reopened.
The session can be restored by deleting all 'region' and 'playlist' tags in the *.ardour-file and import the audio files from the 'dead' directory.
Steps To Reproduce1. create new session
2. create audio track
3. clean up sources
4. record a region
5. clean up sources again --> the source of the previously recorded region is removed
Additional InformationI'm still using version 7.5.0~ds. But I didn't find a bugfix concerning this issue in the release notes of version 8.0.
Tagscleanup, cleanup unused sources



2023-11-13 21:16

administrator   ~0028322

Fixed in 8.1-95-g5b7e008cad

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