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0009521ardourbugspublic2023-10-31 19:54
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Product Version8.1 
Summary0009521: Tempos keep defaulting back to constant even if specifically set as ramped.
DescriptionTempos keep defaulting back to constant even if specifically set as ramped.

eg. If I say "ok tempo here begins at 141", create another tempo change, move it, then the tempo that I had set to 141 could now be...anything, usually will default to same tempo as the new marker.
Steps To ReproduceCreate tempo mark.
Create second tempo mark.
Set them as ramped.
Move right hand tempo.
Left hand tempo goes back to constant.
Additional InformationNo amount of reselecting ramped, modifier keys or incantations seem to change the behaviour. I even tried to change the default in the code, which works visually but not as a setting...the problem is obviously a little deeper than my code-monkey abilities can deal with.

When I have managed to maintain a ramp, sometimes it has decided to do weird stuff like a reverse-ramp (ie, the tempo at the beginning gets higher than the target tempo, which could be useful in some situations, but is a bit counterintuitive).

As a side-note, It is also not clear if the ramped/constant setting applies:
1. from the mark onwards
2. up to the mark
3. in and out of the mark
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2023-10-31 19:54

reporter   ~0028278

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