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0009508ardourbugspublic2023-10-31 18:10
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PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version8.1 
Summary0009508: Ardour crashes on session load
DescriptionAfter starting Ardour, I select the session to load, and it crashes either during loading or just after it. I need to try 2, 3, or 4 times until it finally loads and I am able to playback or operate on the session. When it loads, it seems stable after that i.e. no crashes. It's just at the beginning.

This happens 100% of the times.

I am aware of the instructions in the following link:

I currently with the pre-built, paid version, which I understand does not come with the debug symbols enabled. For me to build Ardour with debugging enabled, or to install a nightly build, it will take me some time. So, I'm posting the issue in advance in case there is some advice already, and I will follow up when I'm able to test with a nightly build.
Additional InformationI have not been able to find any valuable logs in Ardour. I have noted the following though from Jack log messages as found in the QJackCtl messages UI component.

Cannot write socket fd = 35 err = Broken pipe
CheckRes error
Could not write notification
ClientNotify fails name = ardour notification = 10 val1 = 146 val2 = 0
21:29:40.969 JACK connection change.
21:29:42.178 XRUN callback (4 skipped).



2023-10-27 03:14

administrator   ~0028262

Can you load the session when you select

[x] Safe Mode: disable all plugins

in the Recent Session dialog?


2023-10-27 03:46

reporter   ~0028263

I understand your point is to test if this is caused by a plugin rather than Ardour.

By coincidence, just after I posted this bug I removed and readded the Decent Sampler plugin. After this it stopped happening i.e. restarted the computer 2-3 times, loaded the session, no problem. Let me test this a bit more over the next couple of days, and if the issue is gone I will assume it was this plugin.

Two questions however:
- Is there a way to understand which plugin is causing an issue? If this happens again, I hope I won't have to remove/readd/reconfigure all plugins one-by-one, restarting the computer in-between, until I find the culprit ... even though I have a candidate now.
- If this plugin was the issue, how could I find the actual cause? I know that might not be a question for Ardour developers to answer, but why would the same plugin fail to load initially, and then on 2nd or 3rd load ok with the exact same configuration, or removing and readding it and it works?


2023-10-31 18:10

administrator   ~0028276

Software bugs are not always deterministic. Sometimes they are caused by code that always behaves in the wrong way, but other times they are caused by code that only misbehaves after a sequence of other stuff has happened.

So there can be a plugin (or some chunk of code in Ardour itself) which is fine 2 out of 3 times that you test it, but not in the one test case where you add in the (bad) magic conditions that lead to the crash.

And yes, sadly, there's no way without using the debugger and a stack trace to find the bad plugin. With a debugger, it is often relatively obvious.

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