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0009504ardourbugspublic2023-10-24 19:16
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Product Version8.1 
Summary0009504: Clicking on one track stacked layer selects all of them.
DescriptionIf you record some layers (e.g. for comping vocals) and want to select one of them in stacked view by clicking on it - all layers (or multiple layers) are selected instead of this one clicked. To select only one you have to drag a selection box over this layer. An animated gif attached. Regards!
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2023-10-23 22:59


Peek 2023-10-24 00-53.gif (416,202 bytes)


2023-10-24 01:35

administrator   ~0028249

There are various explanations that can explain this:

* Preferences > Editor > "Regions in edit groups are edited together" ... "if they have identical length, position and origin"

Since Ardour 8: Explicit Region Groups:
* Regions recorded at the same time are grouped by default so they can be edited together (use shift+ctrl+g to ungroup, ctrl+g to group).


2023-10-24 19:16

reporter   ~0028253

:( How to switch off this "feature"? This was a bad idea imo... It's really confusuing. I want to group regions only if really I want to. This will causing more bug reports and forum topics from confused users like me. At least give an option for turning this off...

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