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0009502ardourbugspublic2023-10-23 21:24
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PlatformLinode virtual serverOSDebianOS Version12
Product Version8.1 
Summary0009502: Crash (find a trout) on second-run of Ardour on a Debian12 virtual machine using Jack/Dummy audio
DescriptionPlease refer to this thread for details and historical config file downloads

Summary -- Ardour runs correctly if Jack is already running. It also runs correctly on the first run of a freshly built workstation. In that case, Ardour crashes on the second run. It can be restored to normal (first-run) operation by deleting the config file.
Steps To ReproduceI can provide you access to a virtual machine that is dedicated to the debugging effort. It's freshly created on top of the standard Debian12 Linode machine by adding Ardour and Jack with apt and setting permissions for Jack to run properly. That will pretty much assure that the following steps will reproduce the problem.

If it turns out that debugging reveals a problem with my workstation configuration I will donate $1000 to Ardour (or more, depending on how much of your time you waste debugging a problem that I created).

Steps to reproduce:

- VNC into the Debian12 workstation (credentials provided offlist)

- Launch Ardour (command-line, launch-icon on the desktop or through the program menu)

- Configure Jack (and do other things if desired)

- Close and reopen Ardour -- it will crash on open.

Additional InformationConfig files and term-sessions have been uploaded to the Discourse thread -- I can add them here, but thought they might just be confusing.
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