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0009500ardourbugspublic2023-11-21 07:52
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Product Version8.1 
Summary0009500: "Time axis view item base" transparency setting doesn't work
Description"Preferences -> Appearance -> Colors -> Items -> Time axis view item base". If you change this color, the background of audio region changes accordingly.
But changing "Time axis view item base" transparency on the "Transparency" tab does nothing. The background of audio region stays the same.
Steps To ReproduceRecord some audio. Go to Preferences -> Appearance -> Colors -> Transparency and move the "Time axis view item base" slider. No effect.
Additional InformationIf this item is not responsible for the transparency change of the audio region background, please provide the correct one.
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2023-10-22 22:23


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2023-10-31 19:27

administrator   ~0028277

This is a complex topic.

If you want the region to be visually non-opaque, you need to make it sonically non-opaque too (from the region's right click menu and then "Gain").

Some years ago we did not force the two "types" of opacity to remain aligned and this caused confusion for lots of people.

Once you've done that, the "transparent region base" transparency choice will affect the region.


2023-10-31 19:58

reporter   ~0028279

Ok, it's a bit confusing, I wanted to make the background more transparent while waveform itself more opaque. I've noticed the "Time axis view item base" item in both "Color" and "Transparency" tabs. The color changes while the transparenty doesn't. If this is OK, please close this issue. Thanks!


2023-10-31 23:56

administrator   ~0028282

It is actually very complex, much more than you'd guess. Turns out that we aggregate regions into a groups and then re-render them with a little bit of alpha ... which allows the grid to appear evenly over all the regions regardless of how many layers there are

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