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0009494ardourfeaturespublic2023-10-24 08:11
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Summary0009494: Filter / Crossover inside send
DescriptionHi to All
1-signal first get filtered inside "send" then filtered signal goes to desire place
2-signal filtering have option for high/low/band pass + slope option and etc
3-filter can cut signal How ?? e.g low freq of signal goes normal way but High freq of it are cut from main signal and send to new bus

signal before send
main signal = 20-20k
low of it = 20-500
high of it = 500-20k also cut from main and send to new bus

signal after send
just low maintained = 20-500
high are cut and send to new bus

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2023-10-20 14:19

administrator   ~0028227

Ardour will not do any DSP. All signal processing is done by a plugin. There are also various filter types so it is even preferable to leave this to 3rd party.

I suggest you use a Bus for this, aux-send to the bus and then add your desired Filter plugin there.


2023-10-22 09:08

reporter   ~0028239


it would still be useful to associate a filter plugin to a single send and not to the receiving bus, which might collect sends from other sources that one does not want to be filtered the same way.


2023-10-24 08:11

reporter   ~0028250

okey about dsp and etc
give me ability to connect filter plugin to sends in pin connection
in simple word make sends visible in pin connection section
i want to make crazy routing :D

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