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0009491ardourfeaturespublic2023-10-18 14:27
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Product Version8.0 
Summary0009491: [Feature Request] Lollipop drawing on Selection
DescriptionIt would be nice if it was possible to draw the velocity lollipops only for selected notes.

For instance, when programming drums, often hihats and snares (or kicks) are at the same position. One could select only one (say the kicks, by right clicking on the correct note in the piano roll) and then draw the velocity only for the kick, not affecting the hihats, cymbals, etc., that are on the same position.

This is an option in MuseSequencer and is quite useful.
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2023-10-18 02:27

administrator   ~0028220

if you have selected a hihat note, it's lollipop will be on top already ....


2023-10-18 10:14

reporter   ~0028223

But I can not freehand draw the heights (velocities) just for the selected lollipops without affecting the other lollipops. The idea was to isolate only one drum instrument (in a MIDI track with the whole drum set) to adjust the velocities by freehand drawing.

Maybe a modifier (say Shift+Left Click and hold) to affect only selected notes?


2023-10-18 14:27

administrator   ~0028225

implemented in d88b9d36ca

lollis remain visible but if any notes are selected the freehand draw only affects them

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