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0009487ardourbugspublic2023-10-17 09:57
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Product Version8.0 
Summary0009487: Unsaved grid changes permanently affect MIDI recordings
DescriptionWhen applying mid-twists using the new Grid Tool (Y), it appears that changes to the grid underlying MIDI regions result in permanent changes to those MIDI regions. I was playing around with the new tool and applied a number of mid-twists to see the grid move around. Closed the project without saving. Was surprised on reopening that the notes in the MIDI regions looked very different from how they ever had. It looks as though the altered grid gets baked into the MIDI regions even though the grid alterations were never saved.

The steps outlined in the Steps to Reproduce don't actually work to reproduce this issue... Apologies, I haven't been able to pin down how to make it happen, though I ran into the issue a couple times in different save files. The steps below are approximately what I had performed when I encountered the bug. (I triggered this bug when trying to get a screenshot of bug 0009486. Maybe they're linked?)
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a midi track
2. Create a region on that track
3. Add some midi notes to the region, preferably on the grid so that the bug can easily be seen in later steps.
3b. Maybe also add an automation lane with some points.
4. Using the Grid Tool (Y), pin a location before the region and a location after the region.
5. SAVE the project
6. Using the Grid Tool, apply a few mid-twists to the grid between the location created in 4.
7. Close Ardour, DO NOT SAVE
8. Reopen the project
9. Notice that the notes created in 3 now have different durations and positions.
Additional InformationAttached are two screenshots. The first is from just before closing Ardour (after step 6), and the second is after reloading the project (step 8).

Also attached is the archive of the session which has the twisted notes.
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2023-10-17 09:57


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