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0009482ardourbugspublic2023-10-16 09:46
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version8.0 
Summary0009482: Can only insert patch change in first region of midi track
DescriptionI have one midi track and one midi bus both connected to the excellent General Midi Synth. I have Dr Graf's excellent Raptor arpeggiator on the midi track and I have recorded the arpeggiated midi into the midi bus. I thought it would be nice to hear the midi on both tracks through changing, different instruments. I started by splitting the tracks where I wanted a new instrument but found I couldn't add a patch change in the new region. I then found I could add a patch change in the first region of the track and split that region at the patch change. This works but the tracks are long and it would very hard work to recombine all of the regions every time I want to add a patch change.
Additional InformationI am running Ardour nightly 8.0.19
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2023-10-15 12:41


Ardour 8 (761,743 bytes)


2023-10-15 15:43

reporter   ~0028206

I thought I had thought up a workaround by creating an empty track to drag regions down to (where they would become the first region) - change the patch there and then drag them back to the original position. When I dragged a patch down to the empty track - the patch changes in previous regions from the source track appeared in the destination track over empty space and any subsequent action crashed Ardour.


2023-10-15 15:46

administrator   ~0028207

I cannot reproduce this. I can add patch-changes just fine in MIDI regions.

Perhaps the issue is "edit point" and you try to add a patch-change somewhere outside the region. e.g. if edit-point is set to "playhead" and that is not above the region.


2023-10-15 15:57

reporter   ~0028208

Thanks, x42. I was on 'playhead' and changed to 'marker'. This was no better. Then I changed to 'mouse' and I can now insert multiple patch changes in subsequent regions. Result!


2023-10-15 16:11

administrator   ~0028209

It still seem an issue that one can add patch-changes outside of a region, and that can cause crashes later.


2023-10-15 16:17

reporter   ~0028210

Yes - it looks like a copied/moved region can have patch changes outside of its begin and end. I imagine that could be a problem.

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