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0009479ardourbugspublic2023-10-12 04:40
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Product Version8.0 
Summary0009479: adding zynaddsubfx lv2 to a track crashes ardour
Descriptionthis is using the pipewire jack emulation.. What's surprising is that when I loaded a saved session that already had a zyn plugin on a track.. It worked fine! (including the gui) I tried loading other lv2s and they worked fine.. so perhaps I should be querying at the zyn forums, if so sorry about that. tnx
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duplicate of 0009367 resolvedx42 Ardour crashes trying to create a new MIDI track. 



2023-10-12 02:24

administrator   ~0028186

Just zyn, or any other synth?

There was a pipewire bug that prevented creating MIDI tracks with synths in new sessions (meanwhile fixed in recent pipewire).
Can you try to change the audio-engine (Ardour Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup) to ALSA or pulseaudio and see if you can add zyn then?


2023-10-12 03:00

reporter   ~0028187

looks like under (pipewire) jack, generalMidiSynth and ReasonableSynth, as well as Zyn VST version all crash Ardour.. When engine is changed to either PulseAudio or Alsa, Zyn loads (including GUI).. Would prefer to use the Pipewire since it's so easy to route audio from other apps like firefox, but maybe that's not going to happen.. Any guesses where the problem might lie?


2023-10-12 03:03

reporter   ~0028188

tried to check my version of pipewire, but not so easy, pipewire -v in the CLI gets error, presumably because the running pipewire blocks it.


2023-10-12 03:34

administrator   ~0028189


2023-10-12 04:40

reporter   ~0028190

interesting reading! I see now my pipewire is 0.3.65, so I'll just use the workaround of changing the Ardour audio engine til Ubuntu adds the latest pipewire with your patches.. tnx so much!

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