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0009478ardourbugspublic2023-10-17 21:22
Reporterfinotti Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS VersionUnstable
Product Version8.0 
Summary0009478: "Ignore Y-axis when adding new automation points" randomly ignored
DescriptionWith "Ignore Y-axis when adding new automation points" selected in Preferences -> Editor, often (but not always) adding new automation points are added at the pointers y-value.
Steps To Reproduce* Create new audio track.
* Add ACE Amplifier plugin.
* Add automation lane for ACE Amplifier's Gain.
* Start adding automation points.
Tagsautomation, draw, editing



2023-10-11 14:20

administrator   ~0028178

This expect is due to the new "freehand automation drawing" feature:

A single click adds a point on the line.
Mouse-press, mouse-move, starts freewhand drawing and adds a point at the mouse-position.


2023-10-11 14:57

reporter   ~0028179

So, the problem is that I am holding the mouse button for too long? I was really just trying to left click to add points.

Is the difference between the amount of time for mouse "click" and "hold" coming from Ardour or the OS? It would be nice if I could change that.


2023-10-11 15:09

administrator   ~0028180

It is not time-based. The condition is "does a movement of more than N pixels happen while the mouse button is pressed". It is not done by the OS, but Ardour.

I don't recall how large N is, it is zoom-level dependent though.


2023-10-17 21:22

reporter   ~0028218

I've tested it some more and it seems that any small movement makes it go into "freehand mode". Maybe increase the minimum amount a little would be good?

On the other hand, I figured that in EDIT mode I can also add nodes, and these are always on the same y-axis value (no freehand), so it solves the issue for me. Feel free to mark it solved, and thanks for the support!

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