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0009465ardourbugspublic2023-10-06 19:32
Reporteraxra Assigned To 
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PlatformArchOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.5 
Summary0009465: Ardour 8.0-rc3 can't find avldrums and calf lv2 plugins
DescriptionThough the plugins are listed in plugin manager (Status OK) Ardour cant't load them.
Seems Ardour scans wrong directory.
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2023-10-03 15:02



2023-10-04 08:38

reporter   ~0028137

Still the same issue with Ardour-8.0.-rc3.9


2023-10-05 10:03

reporter   ~0028140

not solved yet, Ardour 8.0.rc3.27


2023-10-05 19:09

administrator   ~0028142

Is there any additional information on stdout/stderr?

Failed to instantiate is often casued by an arch mismatch (64 bit ardour, 32bit plugin) or missing symbols of dynamically linked plugins. If that is the case there might be some additional information from liblilv on stderr.

Where did you get Ardour from? Where the plugin(s)?

Nothing has changed on Ardour's LV2 side of things, and liblilv loads LV2 plugins, incl. avldrums, just fine with the official binary.


2023-10-05 21:57

reporter   ~0028145

I just checked with latest Linux Mint Debian Edition Live Stick. avldrums and calf lv2 plugins loading there.
On the Ardour forum someone confirmed the same issue with calf plugins on open suse TW, but avldrums working.
I got ardour 8.0.rc3 from and Calf ( and avldrums (0.7.2-1) Plugins from Manjaro Package Manager.
Installed Ardour to /opt directory.
(All working in Ardour 7.5-1)


2023-10-05 22:27

administrator   ~0028146

Last edited: 2023-10-05 22:28

When you start Ardour from a terminal "Ardour8 <press enter>" is any information printed to stdout/stderr when you load the plugins?


2023-10-05 23:04

reporter   ~0028148

Here is the error message in terminal when loading the plugins:
Screenshot_20231006_010235.png (24,955 bytes)   
Screenshot_20231006_010235.png (24,955 bytes)   


2023-10-05 23:46

administrator   ~0028149

OK that explains it. Your distro not only dynamically links plugins (they ought to be self-contained and not depend on external resources), but also uses an incompatible library version (which does no work with glib that Ardour comes with).

avldrums does not even depend on libinstapatch. That is very strange.
I suggest to file a bug with Arch Linux and meanwhile get the official binary which does not have this issue:


2023-10-06 07:47

reporter   ~0028150

When starting Ardour8 I also get:
ardour8.png (270,720 bytes)


2023-10-06 07:48

reporter   ~0028151

Gtk-Message: 09:47:52.211: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"


2023-10-06 07:54

reporter   ~0028152

But avldrums and calf plugins loading in Ardour 7.5.
So maybe the issue is related to /opt install path of Ardour8?


2023-10-06 19:32

administrator   ~0028153

The problem is that the plugins require a NEWER version of glib (which provides g_string_free_and_steal).
The official 7.5 binary does have the same version as 8.0. Perhaps you're using Ardour 7.5 from Arch, or have removed libglib from opt/Ardour-7.5/lib/ ?

I expect a distro version of Ardour (using distro libs) works, until Arch sorts out dynamic linking of plugins and instead links them statically.

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