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0009459ardourbugspublic2023-09-30 03:48
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSVenturaOS Version13.4.2
Product VersionMixbus 9.x 
Summary0009459: Routing metronome to audio track causes negative delay (only while using loopback audio drivers)
the idea is to use loopback audio drivers (blackhole or rogue amoeba loopback) to record from many DAWs to Mixbus
this works well (i suppose, i haven't tried challenging latency at that path, or - i'm not sure how ito approach at this point)

when i route metronome to any audio track (and disconnect from hardware output) and record to track - it always records with negative delay.

note: i do not have any hardware ins/outs except headphones plugged into laptop

Please let me know how i can further help debugging
Steps To Reproduce1. Open ardour7/8/Mixbus32c9
2. Use any loopback driver (tested with blackhole and rogue amoeba loopback)
3. create audio track and route metronome to it (while disconnecting metronome from hardware output - to avoid 'no align' indicator)
4. record metronome to audio track
5. it is recorded with negative delay

and to confirm the difference: repeat all steps but choose external headphones as audio out this time.
6. now the metronome recording is perfect on the grid
Additional Information~/Library/Preferences/Ardour7/stdout.log
do not contain/indicate any timing/delay values

please check this topic for initial discussion:
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