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0009457ardourbugspublic2023-09-24 15:24
Reporterjoachim Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version7.5 
Summary0009457: MIDI List Editor unexpected behaviour, can cause crash.
DescriptionWhen I started to learn Ardour, I simply used it as a "tape recorder" and effects processor for my guitar.
"Convalescence - Part 3" became the first track I made this way, and also my very first FOSS production.

Now I'm craving music production of a more structured nature, so I've started to learn MIDI editing with Ardour.
While exploring the functionality of Ardour, I discovered the MIDI List Editor.
So, I tried changing some note values and I discovered that the List Editor is not behaving right.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a MIDI track (instrument optional)
2. Create a MIDI-region, about 8 bars long (you decide).
3. Draw a half note (1/2) at or near the beginning of the region.
5. Hit "G" (grab mode).
6. Right-click the region, go to MIDI - List Editor.
7. Left-click the text describing how long the note is.
8. Left-click a different note length from the list.
9. Try changing note values with the mouse wheel.

Expected behaviour, when changing note length (left-click in list):
All available note length in the list should affect the note length when clicked.

Actual behaviour, when changing note length (left-click in list):
Only "Half", "Quarter", and "Whole" affects the note length.

Expected behaviour, when changing note length (mouse wheel):
Mouse wheel should switch between note lengths in the list:

Actual behaviour, when changing length (mouse wheel):
Mouse wheel up, switching beyond a "Whole" note length gives numerical values.
Mouse wheel down, swithing to a note length shorter than "Quarter" gives a note length of "1" tick.

Expected behaviour, when changing note start (mouse wheel):
Mouse wheeling up/down over the note start value should move the note forwards and backwards in time.

Actual behaviour, when changing note start (mouse wheel):
Mouse wheeling up/down always moves the note forwards in time, regardless of scroll direction.
Additional InformationThis behaviour is seen in rev 7.5-636-g0633254820, pulled from git a few hours ago.
There is no visual feedback on which column is selected when navigating with the Left/Right arrow keys. I tried a different color theme, but that turned out is not the issue.

Changing the note start values via keyboard entry does not have any effect.

Ardour can crash with an "Address boundary error" (as reported by fish, in my case []) when attempting to change values with the keyboard. If I discover a procedure to reproduce, I will add a comment to describe it.

The manual does not state anything about using the mouse wheel or changing note lengths from a drop down list.
Tagscrash, Keyboard, MIDI List Editor, mousewheel



2023-09-24 12:32

administrator   ~0028105

With 7.5-671-g32efd92360 most of these have been addressed
 * All entries in Note length dropdown work
 * Mouse wheel increments by 1 beat (fine -grained modifier1/64 beat). -- this is intentionally not using the dropdown
 * Mouse wheel on note-position now works in both directions
 * Note-position text edit is now disabled

Pressing "Insert" to create a new note on an empty region no longer crashes


2023-09-24 15:03

reporter   ~0028108

The Note Length dropdown in the List Editor is different from the Grid Mode dropdown (highlighted in Yellow)
The List Editor uses only words to describe note length while the Grid Mode dropdown uses fractions and words.

Could it be the an idea to make have the same entries, for consistency?
Perhaps the List Editor could include Triplets, Quintuplets and Septuplets (highlighted in Cyan), just like the Grid Mode dropdown does?

A bit curious why these are not the same. It feels like these functions does not reference the same code?

Consistency is the point of this comment. Other than that, I'm not sure.
Screenshot_20230924_161941.png (22,035 bytes)   
Screenshot_20230924_161941.png (22,035 bytes)   
Screenshot_20230924_162005.png (14,459 bytes)   
Screenshot_20230924_162005.png (14,459 bytes)   


2023-09-24 15:24

administrator   ~0028109

The editor grid is not directly related to region or note length property.
I suppose for 1/4 notes and shorter we could use numerics. However using "Bar" for "whole" note duration seems wrong.

In any case it will have to wait until after Ardour 8.0 - There is currently a string-freeze with translations trickling in.

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