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0009451ardourbugspublic2023-09-25 13:53
ReporterSchmitty2005 Assigned Topaul  
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Product Version7.5 
Summary0009451: MIDI velocity 'lollipops' are not drawn on initial track creation when dragging from MIDI CLIPS
DescriptionWhen dragging a MIDI clip from Ardour Beats or Chords and creating a new midi track by dragging clip to empty edit field, the velocity lollipops are not visible after selecting 'A'utomation and velocity.

When the clip is slightly moved, the velocity lollipops will reappear.

This was using the nightly build of

I was able to reproduce it with each new track created by dragging clip.
Steps To Reproduce1. New session
2. Select MIDI Clip , beat or chord, or otherwise. I assume it would work with all MIDI that is dragged.
3. Drag clip onto empty EDIT field, not an existing track.
4. Open Automation / velocity for newly created track.
5. Note that there are no velocity lollipops.
6. slightly move MIDI clip and velocity appears.

It may have also had the same result (no lollipops) when dragging a clip to existing MIDI track that was empty. If the MIDI track was already populated (and lollipops shown) and a new clip was dragged, the lollipops may have been shown.
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2023-09-25 00:46

administrator   ~0028110

Should be fixed by commit 1f13b311fdfdcb

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