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0009446ardourbugspublic2023-09-24 01:29
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Summary0009446: Track plays as mono after import while it is stereo
DescriptionSeems that problem start to be reproducible after adding and removing many track.
I have some test project where the typical workflow is the following:
1. Import some audio files to new tracks.
2. Send the output of some imported track to the master bus.
3. Listen the result.
4. Remove just imported tracks.

After several repetitions, the imported track starts to sound mono and only after some time it 'opens' to stereo.

Here's the example of the behaviour:

As you see on the video, the imported track sounds as mono (and meters confirm that).
But after a while, the track starts to sound stereo (as should be from the beginning).
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2023-09-14 20:08

reporter   ~0028039

Here's the link to the session which allows me to reproduce the problem:

The files that I try to import on the video are placed into TEST_FILES subfolder.


2023-09-20 13:40

reporter   ~0028076

If you want to flip to the back camera so you can use


2023-09-24 01:28

reporter   ~0028103

Similar behaviour can be heard when toggling loop mode on/off.


2023-09-24 01:29

reporter   ~0028104

Try this with Robin's Stereo Phase Scope!

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