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0009443ardourbugspublic2023-09-14 14:07
ReporterDopplerNyquist Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformGNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.5 
Summary0009443: Drawn and recorded MIDI regions have different transparency
DescriptionIn previous versions Ardour usually increase the transparency of MIDI regions when we use the Draw or Edit modes, but now the recorded regions do not follow this behavior.

Youtube video showing the problem:
(Using the nightly 7.5.555 version in this video, but the 7.5 also have this issue)
Steps To ReproduceCreate a MIDI track.
Record the notes.
Use the Edit mode.
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2023-09-14 13:02

reporter   ~0028020

you could add


in the first constructor of (lines 134 to 142)

as it gets called both after recording and after drawing.

NOTE: I am not an Ardour developer.... and only recently started reading/learning Ardour's code hopping to be able to contribute in the future.... the proposed solution is only a suggestion


2023-09-14 14:07

administrator   ~0028022

There's a Session option (Session > Properties) to control the opacity of drawn regions (we consider it distinct from recorded regions). If recording is using layered mode (opaque regions) setting this option to true will cause both "types" of regions to have the same visual (and acoustic) opacity.

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