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0009427ardourotherpublic2023-09-23 12:34
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Product Version7.5 
Summary0009427: An Ardour7 shortcut to load it with Pipewire-ALSA support and connectable in pwqraph
DescriptionThis is my grain of sand for the Ardour community.
Just put this .desktop file in .local/share/applications folder and it'll appear in your applications menu, in Ardour's Windows>Connections menu select ALSA and the connections will be PIPEWIRE-ALSA.
Steps To ReproduceBelow is the .desktop file.
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2023-07-31 13:23



2023-07-31 15:05

reporter   ~0027928

It's a good tool for those users having the distortion on sound problem with Pipewire-Jack


2023-08-02 02:00

administrator   ~0027933

Is there a pipewire bug report for the distortion issue with pipewire-jack?


2023-08-02 12:06

reporter   ~0027935

Yes Rob, but it was in Endevour OS and Majaro forums


2023-08-02 12:30

reporter   ~0027936

x42, here are the links about that bug, I think it could be a compatibility problem between Ardour and Pipewire-Jack, mainly the distorted audio in Ardour problem is with Pipewire in Arch Linux, not an Ardour bug, thats why I'm using this .desktop script to use Ardour with the Pipewire flexibility to work without sound issues, and shared it for those users willing to use Ardour with ALSA and Pipewire, is like the best of two worlds, LOL!


2023-08-02 13:23

administrator   ~0027937


Reading these issue reports, if you are still having this problem with pipewire 0.3.76, you should not be using pipewire for pro-audio.

2889 is unrelated (a soundcard/driver issue), 2257 seems to be caused by pipewire syncing different soundcards, it would also be present when using pipewire's ALSA emulation.
The issue you describe, which is only present with pipewire-jack is likely 3030, which was fixed.


2023-08-02 13:28

reporter   ~0027938

Thanks x42 for that advice, by the way, this .desktop script solve my problem if later I have a problem with Pipewire-ALSA I'll take your advice.


2023-09-23 12:34

administrator   ~0028102

It is not a solution, just a workaround.

In particular if you use MIDI, Ardour/ALSA <-> pipewire is significantly inferior to Ardour/JACK <-> pipewire

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