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0009399ardourfeaturespublic2023-07-08 16:47
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Summary0009399: make button for "sound MIDI note as they are selected in editor"
Descriptioninstead every time going to preferences page for change this option "sound MIDI note as they are selected in editor"
make button for it
pay attention to screenshot
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2023-06-25 02:43


button.jpg (80,850 bytes)   
button.jpg (80,850 bytes)   


2023-06-30 19:01

administrator   ~0027833

that toolbar is only visible in "draw" mode, and the button would be more useful in internal edit mode ....


2023-07-01 01:31

reporter   ~0027834

I just create it with gimp - you can move it anywhere


2023-07-01 03:21

administrator   ~0027836

finding the right "anywhere" is 90.3764218% of the task.


2023-07-08 16:47

reporter   ~0027871

If you select "sound MIDI note as they are selected in editor" once, you don't need to reselect it, Ardour keeps the configuration in the .config folder, if you are a person who like to try many distros, make a backup of that folder,paste it to your new home/user directory and you will have the same Ardour configuration as before.

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