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0009391ardourbugspublic2023-06-20 07:48
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.4 
Summary0009391: Dragging regions to re-arrange (in stacked layer mode) doesn't behave as expected
DescriptionWhen in stacked layer mode one can drag stacked regions to re-arrange them. Two issues can occur:

1. Dragging a region that is currently below (inactive) to the top (visually displayed during dragging) will not result in that region being moved to the top.
2. Dragging a region from one track (let's call it A) to another (call it B) and back (during a single dragging event, so not releasing the mouse button) will result in the region visually positioned (while still dragging) at a position away from the cursor. This is a different position then where the region was when exiting the track (in track A, before entering B).
Steps To ReproduceFor problem 1 (see video
1. Have a track in stacked layer mode.
2. Have 2 overlapping regions.
3. Have more overlapping regions in a different place, in the same track (thus forcing multiple lanes)
4. Drag the lower region just above the upper one (will be displayed visually) and release the mouse
5. Observe the lower region remained below.

For problem 2 (see video
1. Have a track in stacked layer mode.
2. Have multiple overlapping regions.
3. Drag a lower one upward, exit the current track (while still dragging) and enter the upper track, return to original track (while still dragging)
4. Observe the region will be in a different position.
Additional InformationI tried to upload the videos directly to the bug report. It's 3.5MB total, but I think it's considered too large. Maybe up the limit, if that's more practical.
Tagsdrang'n'drop, region, stacked, track


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