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0009346ardourbugspublic2023-05-24 20:47
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Summary0009346: Crash when recording
DescriptionArdour 7.3
I have a recording session with a couple of tracks and plugins, one of this track gets a mic as input. Ardour crashes each time I hit play when record is loaded.
The terminal displays:
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I found the voice track makes the program crash (when I toggle off its REC button, the crash doesn’t happen).
I also found that if I create this track again, the issue disappears. I wasn’t able to find the difference between the new and crashing voice track.
My problem appears to be solved for now, but the bug definitely exists. I will update this issue if it reappears.



2023-05-24 20:47

administrator   ~0027680

This is likely already fixed in Ardour 7.4 (or rather since 7.3-94-g5c69aef56e)

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