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0009344ardourfeaturespublic2023-05-31 23:46
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Product Version7.4 
Summary0009344: Routing by audio device
DescriptionIn the case of a session created with lot of external I/O is open, edited and saved with another device with less I/O, we just lost the routing for the original device.
Example : a live recording session used for a virtual souncheck, we do some edit on the internal soundcard in the train...
Or : a session with many live clips tracks routed to different outputs, we need to mix it better without the big soundcard...

I imagine a workflow as this (but maybe some are better) :
Save the external (to hardware) routing by audio device
If the device is changed AND the current routing will change something to the routing for this device :
  a popup with "The audio device changed, what to do ?" "Load original routing" / "Stay with current routing"

And maybe is it a way to merge the two routings ? Only load the previous routing for a track if the current routing is not to an hardware port ?
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2023-05-26 22:21

administrator   ~0027684

Since Ardour 7.4-146 external connections are unconditionally remembered per device. So no popup dialog is needed.

One exception is made for the master and monitor output busses. The first time a new device is used, and if Preferences > Signal Flow > Auto-connect main output is enabled, mains-out is connected.


2023-05-26 22:25

administrator   ~0027685

I think it's preferable to not try to be smart, and not attempt to "merge" existing external connections from different interfaces.
But rather maintain a consistent set of connections for each setup. -- Internal connections are not affected.

Please test and let me know if the issue can be closed.


2023-05-31 22:33

reporter   ~0027696

The external routing by device work perfectly, thank you for this work !

I understand the choice to not touch the internal connection but it leads to an issue :
If a port is connected to an external output with device 1, then we switch to device 2, this port is now auto-connected to the master (or manually to a bus...).
Switch back to the device 1 leads to an unexpected double signal path : external + master (that is connected to external).

I think that should be avoided (think to a live situation with PA), and in this case the signal path is not consistent for each setup.

Maybe somebody have a better idea, but mine :
If a port should be connected to external by switching device _this port_ should be connected as saved, internal connection included.

So, RFC open !


2023-05-31 23:33

administrator   ~0027697

> If a port is connected to an external output with device 1, then we switch to device 2, this port is now auto-connected to the master (or manually to a bus...).

That is not the case, there are no internal auto-connections made when switching backends. Please check again.


2023-05-31 23:35

administrator   ~0027698

Internal connections are entirely separate independent from the device used and will remain so.
Hence it is not possible to have it disconnected to master or connected to master depending on the backend in use.


2023-05-31 23:46

administrator   ~0027699

IIUC you want to toggle between two modes

1. each track has is a pass-trhu in -> no panner -> out
2. each track is connected to master with a panner

My first suggestion would be to simply ignore the additional master-bus connection in case of (1), and simply disconnect the master output (which will be remembered).
But in case of (1) that would also mean removing an extra output for each mono track (assuming a stereo master). You could add external sends (pre-panner) to each track instead.

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