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0009334ardourfeaturespublic2023-07-24 15:20
Reporterdsfdsf Assigned To 
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Product Version7.4 
Summary0009334: feature for clip browser
Descriptionadd search bar to clip browser / searchable clip browser

browse clips with keys up down right left
[ up / down ] go to previous and next clip - sample
[ right / left ]go to next dirctory and come back to previous

at the moment up / down / right / left control daw functions when mouse placed in clip area of editor list
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al f

2023-05-14 07:56

reporter   ~0027652


al f

2023-05-16 12:47

reporter   ~0027656

Related to this is that when renaming sounds in the Sources list, navigation is still active in the editor.

So if you try to CTRL-V something from the clipboard, expecting your copied piece of text to be pasted, what actually happens is that any audio in Ardour's clipboard is pasted at the current edit point (CTRL-C of course copies at edit point).

This behaviour is so annoying I'd say this should be a bug report, not a feature request.


2023-06-12 21:35

administrator   ~0027746

The ctrl-v/c/x issues should be fixed now, via commit d742e876d1

Would appreciate feedback on that.


2023-06-20 04:58

reporter   ~0027802

also add option to clip browser section to play along side playback
when audition clip / sample main playback not going stoped


2023-06-20 13:02

administrator   ~0027805

We're not likely to do that. Our auditioning mechanism explicitly overrides normal playback. Just have a scratch track and drop the clip into a slot. It's not expensive.


2023-06-21 03:41

reporter   ~0027806

My reason to say that it is because with this option user can hear sample in context and decide use it or not
Some DAWs give user this option + match with tempo ( sample never go out of rhythm )
And i think if you decide to optimize Ardour for live performance this option is vital


2023-06-21 03:52

administrator   ~0027807

That is equivalent to:

* provide a scratch track
* load clip into slot in the scratch track
* trigger clip appropriately

someone can write a Lua script to do this, it doesn't need to be part of the core (though sure, it could be)


2023-07-24 15:20

reporter   ~0027910

With regard to the UP/DOWN keys to select clips: (Version 7.5)

- If the following Modes are set (Grab, Range, Cut, Audition, Stretch): The up/down changes track
- If the 'Draw' or 'Internal Edit Mode' is used, and you click on a clip, then the up/down arrow keys change which clip is selected.

From the above, in version 7.5 (at least) to change which clip is selected with arrow keys:
- Change mode to 'Draw Mode' or 'Internal Edit Mode'
- Select a clip in the 'Clips' Browser
- Press 'UP key' will select the previous clip
- Press 'DOWN' key will select the next clip

If the auto-play is enabled, then the above actions, will automatically switch which clip is being played.

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