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0009321ardourbugspublic2023-05-12 18:32
Reportersollapse Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version7.4 
Summary0009321: VST3: Pro-Q3 band solo auditioning fails to work
DescriptionSoloing a frequency band in Pro-Q3 doesn't work under VST3. The VST2 version works normally, along with using the VST3 within Metaplugin.
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2023-05-01 06:35

reporter   ~0027634

To clarify, the UI works, just the audio fails to play of the selected frequency band.
vst3_proq_solo.jpg (933,394 bytes)


2023-05-11 00:14

administrator   ~0027645

The Pro-Q3 evaluation period has expired (and i forgot to take a VM snapshot before installing Fabfilter), so I cannot reproduce this here.

Could you please try if Ardour 7.4.67 (or later, should be available 2-3h from now) fixes this?


2023-05-11 03:04

reporter   ~0027646

It's still not functioning on the new build.


2023-05-12 01:39

administrator   ~0027647

OK, another educated guess: please try 7.4.69

If that also fails I'll have to see if I can get a NFR license from Fabfilter to investigate further.


2023-05-12 06:16

reporter   ~0027648

That fixed it! Thanks for looking into this one.

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