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0009320ardourbugspublic2023-04-30 11:59
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PlatformMac and LinuxOSOSx 12 and Arch Linux 
Product Version7.4 
Summary0009320: "Jump to Region Boundary (No Track Selection)" works for a limited amount of tracks
DescriptionThe options "Jump to Region Next/Previous Boundary (No Track Selection)" do not respond to regions located after track Nr.12. Meaning, the playhead won't stop at the boundaries of regions located in the last tracks, after aprox. track 12, when these options are triggered via the Transport>Playback menu or keys assigned to that function.

The bug reportedly occurs in OSx and Linux, using ALSA or Jack drivers.
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2023-04-30 11:59

updater   ~0027633

I can reproduce this. Unsetting the `region-boundaries-from-onscreen-tracks` config variable changes the behaviour a bit, but neither the set nor unset behaviours seem quite right. When it's set (the default), some regions outside the editor pane are still taken into account by "Playhead to Next/Previous Region Boundary", and when it's unset, some regions within the editor pane are still ignored by "Playhead to Next/Previous Region Boundary".

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