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0009312ardourbugspublic2023-04-30 12:00
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version7.3 
Summary0009312: Mute not working
DescriptionThe Gain/mute function just doesn't work. With the right-click dropdown menu, when mute is ON, the track is still perfectly audible. A difference between now and the previous Ardour I wad using : the track becomes grey when muted, but not "transparent" as it was the case before, although the menu shows that the mute is activated.
Steps To ReproduceRight-click on a track and do Gain/Mute and clic on the mute checkbox.
Tags7.3, gain, mute


related to 0007742 new Muted regions should be opaque 



2023-04-22 18:32


Mute Ardour.png (79,768 bytes)   
Mute Ardour.png (79,768 bytes)   


2023-04-23 08:55

reporter   ~0027609

STOP THE PRESS ! The problem is not in the mute function, that works well. The problem is in the CUT MODE, that cuts and creates a replica of the region on the left of the cut ! So, when I applied the mute fucntion, there wad still sound, from the underlying other region....


2023-04-25 13:41

administrator   ~0027618

So the problem is that an underlying region still produces sound, and that is not visually obvious with "Overlaid" layer mode?

In the track header's context menu (right-click on the left side of track) select Layers > Stacked
Is there a region below the muted one?

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