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0009303ardourbugspublic2023-10-10 07:41
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Product Version7.3 
Summary0009303: Ability to rename sources in Sources list has gone missing since update to 7.3 (perhaps one update earlier)
DescriptionWhen importing a source - or when bouncing a region to "sources list" - it was possible (at least in 6.x-7.1) to later shift+l to view sources list and rename the bounced/imported region by double-clicking it.
In 7.3 this is not possible anymore. And it is sorely missed when working on large podcast/radio features with large amounts of clips from various field-recordings. Can it please come back in the next update?
Steps To ReproduceImport media to sources list - or bounce a region to sources list - shift+L to view sources list, double-click the source you want to rename.

It used to open a writing-field where one could then type in the new name. Currently it does nothing.

Right-clicking will only give the option to delete source from project.
Additional InformationThis feature is a great selling point for podcast & radio work. It used to be there in previous version, but has gone missing after update.
Image illustrates how it used to be possible.
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2023-04-13 16:04


Sources-list naming.png (189,386 bytes)   
Sources-list naming.png (189,386 bytes)   


2023-04-15 11:00

administrator   ~0027584

This change was intentional. The behavior is now like it was for Ardour 2-4.

Since Ardour 5ish, a single click started an edit operation, and it was not easily possible to drag soruce files from the sidebar to the timeline.

Now an unmodified click starts a drag and to edit the name use "Alt + click".


2023-04-16 19:22

reporter   ~0027591

Ah, OK. I did notice that it took some clicking-around to get to drag sources before.
But, I just tried the Alt+click, and instead of getting what has been described here, I just got to move the whole window of Ardour around. I'm using KDE Trisquel - could it be a KDE-desktop setting that messes it up for me?
Is there a place in Ardour where the key-combo can be changed for this command?

Thanks for taking the time to respond :)


2023-04-17 08:32

reporter   ~0027595

It seems to be, since I can make it work under Windows now.
Any ideas how to do a workaround for KDE? Switch to MATE desktop instead, maybe?


2023-04-17 13:40

administrator   ~0027596

These days most DE on Linux use the "Windows" key (rather than Alt) to access the window-manager functionality.
Perhaps you can configure the KDE to do that?

al f

2023-04-23 13:10

reporter   ~0027612

I'm on Manjaro KDE, Ardour 7.3. My system is configured like x42 is mentioning, the "Windows" key will access window-manager.

ALT-click on a source seems no different from click, however ALT-DOUBLE-click allows me to change the name.

May I ask that this feature becomes available whith RIGHT-click on the source? Currently the only available action then is `remove` while it would be nice if it was working the same way as right-click on a snapshot for example.

al f

2023-04-23 13:12

reporter   ~0027613

Please disregard the line " ALT-click on a source seems no different from click, however ALT-DOUBLE-click allows me to change the name." from my previous post. ALT-click DOES allow to change the name..

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