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0009267ardourfeaturespublic2023-03-05 07:53
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PlatformRedhatOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.3 
Summary0009267: Adapt button functionality for clip launcher/cue-view so it is better adapted for touch screens
DescriptionI suggest to change the user interface for the clip launcher aus follows:

The clip launcher has for each slot two functions:
* the small triangle launching the clip
* the area where the name of the clip/wav/midi is visible (which activates also the control panel on the lower part of the screen)

When using a device/laptop with touch screen (which becomes more and more common) the clip launching panel ("cue"-view) could be directly used for launching the clips. However the "triangle"-Buttons are much too small to be used.
Thus I suggest to switch functionality:
* the "large" area where the name of the clip is shown should have the "play" functionality, thus the cue-view could be directly used for live looping on touch devices
* the functionality of the "play" triangle should take over the menu-functionality and showing the control panel

See mockup.

In general clip launching could be optimized to work on touch screens so additional hardware (launchpad) could be avoided.




2023-03-05 07:53


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