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0009261ardourbugspublic2023-02-26 13:35
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Product Version7.3 
Summary0009261: Count-in at a tempo change bar plays the previous tempo
DescriptionI noticed that in previous versions as well.
I you place the playhead exactly at a bar that has a tempo change, if you enable the count-in before recording, the metronome does not play the new tempo at that bar, but plays the one that were just before that bar.

I don't usually use that feature, I set punch regions, put the playhead before and start playing the previous riff, so i can feel the tempo.
It's not a solution when the tempo changes abruptly.

Everytime it happens, i'm like :
- "It'ld be nice if the metronome could play the tempo just before the recording starts. I'll go search the internet."
- "Oh yeah, that feature exists!"
[trying it out]
- "Ah, and now I remember it doesn't work in my specific case." (which is the only case it'ld be really handy)
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2023-02-26 13:34


2023-02-26 08_32_48-Window.png (38,705 bytes)   
2023-02-26 08_32_48-Window.png (38,705 bytes)   


2023-02-26 13:35

reporter   ~0027414

In the screenshot, when i start recording at bar 62 with count-in, the tempo played by the count-in metronome is 78, not 69.

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