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0009258ardourfeaturespublic2023-02-23 02:04
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Product Version7.3 
Summary0009258: MIDI Velocity Input Problem
DescriptionHi Paul,

There seems to be a bug where every time I create a new MIDI clip to input MIDI notes and change the velocity of the first note (I usually change it to 96 or 127), the second note I input always defaults to the standard 64. This does not happen with the third or subsequent notes inputted into the same MIDI clip. I suspect there either may be a problem with the second note adapting its velocity to the existing first note or that the first note may not have been input properly for the second note to be aware of the first note's velocity. I am aware of the new auto length, channel and velocity parameters available in the toolbar above the editor session. I thought this might be something worth reporting to potentially save a little bit of time down the road.

Cheers in advance,

Steps To Reproduce1. Create new MIDI clip
2. Input any one note of any length at any position within MIDI clip
3. Change velocity of initial note to anything other than 64
4. Input a second note anywhere in the MIDI clip
5. The second note will have a velocity of 64
6. Input a third and possibly more subsequent notes
7. These notes will adapt to the velocities of the existing notes in the MIDI clip that the second one failed to do.
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