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0009231ardourbugspublic2023-02-08 20:58
ReporterGMaq Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSAV LinuxOS Version21.3
Product Version7.2 
Summary0009231: Imported tracks order is scrambled when importing using 'existing tracks' and 'playhead' for import later in timeline.

I use a Zoom Livetrak L-20 recorder which can either be used as a class compliant USB interface or records to SD Card. I usually record to SD Card and then import the tracks into Ardour for post-production. As an example with 6 recorded drum tracks if I do an initial Import into Ardour from the Import menu and I 'Add Files as new tracks' at 'Session start' then the tracks are all processed properly and in order of track number off the SD Card, However if I want to add more content later to an Ardour Session and I select the Tracks I want to import to and use 'Add to selected Tracks' with the 6 tracks selected and I use 'Playhead' as the position to be imported to on the timeline then the order of the tracks is scrambled and the imported tracks are not properly mapped to the existing 6 tracks in order. The tracks to be imported are not selected in any random order and are selected from top to bottom in numerical sequence exactly as they are when imported into a fresh session. This bug is annoying because it requires creating a slush track to make room to manually drag the newly imported tracks into their correct order to line up with what is already in the session.
Steps To Reproduce1. Fresh session
2. Import numbered multiple tracks (observed here with 1-6) into session with Add Files as new tracks and Session start settings
3. move playhead to later in session..
4. Select track headers of tracks to import to.
5. Import same number of tracks with Add to selected tracks and at Playhead set
6. Tracks import at Playhead on selected tracks but the order is scrambled..
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2023-02-08 20:35

administrator   ~0027328

What "Sort order" do you use in the Import File dialog? "by selection order"?


2023-02-08 20:58

reporter   ~0027329


I just use what the default is, I don't make a specific selection in that dropdown box, but my selection order is always 'Shift' from top to bottom, never randomly selected with 'Ctrl'.

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