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0009228ardourfeaturespublic2023-02-10 17:49
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Summary0009228: Dublicate Favorite Plugins from the Mixer List into the Editor List TAB
DescriptionJust an idea (may be it's not too much difficult). If the side panel in the Editor window (Editor List Shift+L) could have the same Favorite Plugins list (as one more TAB) as Mixer List has - this could give the possibility to drug&drop favorite plugins into the Editor mixer strip.
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2023-02-06 17:36



2023-02-10 02:26

administrator   ~0027345

It is sadly not an easily reusable widget and keeping order in sync when reordering the favorites will also need some extra work.
Ergonomically it is also odd, one would have to drag the plugin across the entire screen width to reach the editor-mixer and the editor mixer may not even be visible.


2023-02-10 17:49

reporter   ~0027347

This feature request is absolutely not so important, it was just my thought! For my personal taste&needs - Ardour is already good featured - just only bugs polishing could make the DAW super-cool for me!
About "reach the editor-mixer" - it is the same as if we want to reach from the mixer favorite plugins list to the Master Bus stripe in the Mixer window..
But you are the master, no problem!)) My deal is to propose..
And also thanks for the response & dialog! Good&creative mode, x42! :))

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