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0009227ardourfeaturespublic2023-02-06 17:00
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Summary0009227: The separete color Item for the LOG Error massage (divide the gtk_bright_indicator)
Description In the current situation the color item :"gtk_bright_indicator" is used for the track header outline and for the LOG Error massage together. For the Dark theme - there's no problem - the red color fits to the both targets well.
 But for the Bluererry-Milk, Cubasish and UnaStudia - this makes obstacle. It could be better to alert about the Errors in the LOG window with the red color - but if we change the "gtk_bright_indicator" to the red color - this makes the track header outline also red (that is not appropriate for these themes (of course IMHO)).
 May be (If it is possible) - a separate Item for the LOG Error massage color could resolve the problem.
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2023-02-06 17:00


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