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0009224ardourbugspublic2023-02-07 05:16
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version7.2 
Summary0009224: Way Distorted Audio After Stopping Ardour in the Audio/MIDI Setup to Change from Headphones to Line Out
DescriptionI had about 13 midi tracks, then tired of listening to my headphones, and stopped Ardour with the "Audio/MIDI Setup" window, changed from my Headphones to another Line Out, and upon doing so, the audio was horrid, way distorted.

I assumed my signal or external speakers (monitor) was incapacitated for playback. I stopped Ardour again, and went back to headphones, but the problem of massively distorted audio persisted.

I found no way around this except by deleting the most recent track I'd added. That solved it. I then swapped back to external speakers and once again, distortion.

I quit Ardour and opened it anew, and then the audio plays just fine directed to the external speakers, or that line out.

So, in a nutshell, my audio signal of my composition goes horrid if I swap my line out back and forth from headphones to external speakers (one Line out to another line out from my Mac Pro, (2010 Model) running 10.12.6 (Sierra).
Steps To ReproduceWith this file or composition, all it takes is stopping Ardour with the Audio/MIDI Setup to change my audio output device.
Additional InformationThis is running Ardour 7.2.0
Mac Pro, (2010 Model) running 10.12.6 (Sierra).
Tagsaudio, Audio Output Device, Audio/MIDI setup, AudioSignalDistortion, distortion, signal



2023-02-05 01:46

administrator   ~0027277

Does it help to stop/restart the engine? Ardour Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup?

In the "output device" dropdown are there both line-out and headphone listed ?

I recall that older macbooks have separate "devices" for headphone and line-out - rather than a single soundcard that has both.


2023-02-07 05:12

reporter   ~0027307

The problem arises when I do stop the engine, the start it anew after having swapped from Headphones to line out (to listen on speakers rather than headphones).

Attached is a screenshot of the System Preferences listing of "Headphones" which are plugged into the jack in the front of my 2010 Mac Pro.


2023-02-07 05:16

reporter   ~0027308

In Ardour, it does not list as "headphones" but is the first of the listed in the drop down as shown in this screenshot.

So, if I stop the Ardour engine, to change the output of audio, starting back up, then playing my MIDI, brings forth a horrendous distortion in the MIDI playback. It seems quitting the program and restarting is the solution that seems to work. By preference, unless necessary, I prefer to listen on external monitors, but at times, I'm forced to go to headphones.

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