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0000922ardourfeaturespublic2008-11-22 16:04
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Summary0000922: When activating Automation, a dashed/vague line should indicate current value
DescriptionWhen activating for example Gain Automation, it would be very handy if Ardour showed the currently set value (and did not reset it to 0,0).

If I had the track set to -1,3, Ardour would show a dashed or translucent line, that started with an automation a the beginning of the track.

If one clicked it, it would rise or lower itself starting from the beginning value.

Does this make sense? Here's an ugly illustration:
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duplicate of 0000879 closedpaul [PATCH] automation write mode moves control 



2008-11-21 20:05

manager   ~0005267

Duplicate of bug 0000879. Ideally we just wouldn't change the value so this would be unecessary I believe.



2008-11-22 16:04

manager   ~0005289

Last edited: 2008-11-22 16:06

Reopening at request of poster, though not sure I understand the request then. This seems to be asking for a value representing the currently set value, which if the level did not change upon setting automation, would solve that problem. Maybe you could attach the png image you made to here as it can't be seen on the webserver you linked to?


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